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The water desalination container offered by 3Green Energy is a cutting-edge solution for providing clean and drinkable water in remote areas. A solar desalination system utilizes solar energy to power the process of turning saltwater into freshwater, addressing water scarcity and promoting sustainable resource management. A solar desalination system uses solar energy to purify saltwater, converting it into fresh water through evaporation and condensation, addressing water scarcity sustainably.

The water filtration station provided by 3Green Energy is a solar-powered container that filters water using a multi-stage filtration process. It is designed to provide clean drinking water to communities in rural, construction, and desert areas where clean water is not readily available. A solar water system utilizes sunlight to heat water for various purposes, like domestic use or heating systems, reducing energy costs and environmental impact while ensuring efficient water heating.

The electric car charging station container is a revolutionary product offered by 3Green Energy that provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and reliable solution for electric vehicle owners to charge their cars. A solar EV charger harnesses solar energy to charge electric vehicles, offering a sustainable and convenient solution for reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean transportation. A solar EV charger employs solar panels to generate electricity and charge electric vehicles, offering a clean and renewable way to power transportation while reducing carbon emissions.

A parking container is a modular structure designed to provide secure parking spaces for vehicles. It offers flexibility, convenience, and efficient use of available space. This car parking container is a solar-powered structure that provides a covered parking space for vehicles. It is designed to be powered by solar panels, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for parking needs.

The food cart container powered by solar panels is an innovative and sustainable solution for mobile food businesses. The container is equipped with solar panels that generate energy to power the cart, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. A food cart container is a mobile culinary unit, offering a compact and versatile space for preparing and serving food items, perfect for events, markets, and catering. A food cart container is a versatile mobile kitchen unit built within a container. It offers a compact, customizable space for food preparation and vending, enabling culinary businesses to reach different locations easily.

The wall screen container is a versatile product designed to provide information and communication solutions in various settings. It is powered by solar panels, making it a sustainable and cost-effective solution for off-grid and remote locations. A solar wall screen is an innovative device that combines solar panels and display technology, allowing for energy generation while providing information or visuals, merging sustainability and functionality. A solar wall screen is an innovative display that integrates solar panels into its design, generating energy from sunlight while serving as an informative or decorative digital surface.

The electric scooter charging station offered by 3Green Energy is a smart and eco-friendly solution to promote sustainable transportation in urban areas. It is a solar-powered container that provides a convenient charging point for electric scooters, allowing people to easily access a clean and efficient mode of transportation. A solar e-scooter charger utilizes solar panels to harness sunlight, converting it into electricity to charge electric scooters, promoting clean and sustainable urban transportation solutions.

The storage solution container by 3Green Energy is a sustainable and eco-friendly storage unit that is powered by solar panels. This container is designed to provide a secure and environmentally friendly storage option for individuals, businesses, and communities. A storage solution container is a versatile unit designed to efficiently store various items. It offers organization, security, and easy transport for both personal and business needs. A storage solution container is a versatile unit designed for organized storage. With customizable compartments, it efficiently holds various items, promoting order and maximizing space utilization.

Hybrid energy station for green hydrogen production from solar energy. Our solution combines solar energy panels with hydrogen generation technology to produce green hydrogen fuel for a variety of applications, including fuel cell electric vehicles. The heart of our system is the solar energy installation, which generates electricity that is then used to power an electrolyzer to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is then stored in tanks for use in fuel cell electric energy production or other applications.

The 3Green Energy Hydrogen Energy Container is a mobile solution for generating electric power using hydrogen gas through a fuel cell system. The container is equipped with a hydrogen storage tank, fuel cells, and other necessary components to produce electricity on-site. This solution is ideal for remote locations or areas with limited access to the power grid. The container can be easily transported and set up, providing a reliable and sustainable source of energy for various applications.

3Greem Energy's hybrid energy solar panels are designed for different types of installations, including separate panel installations, home installations, and commercial and large-scale solar panel installations. Here are some of the advantages and integration options for each type of installation.

Separate Panel Installations: These installations involve placing solar panels on a separate structure, such as a carport or pergola. The advantages of these installations include easy accessibility for maintenance and repair, and the ability to add panels as needed

3Greem Energy's hybrid energy solar panels can be integrated with existing energy systems by connecting them to an inverter that converts the DC power generated by the panels into AC power that can be used by homes and businesses.

3Greem Energy solar panels for home use are designed to be easily transported and installed with the help of a professional engineering team. Here is how the process typically works:

Transportation: The solar panels are designed to be transported easily via truck or shipping container. They are packaged securely to prevent damage during transportation.

Site Assessment: Before the solar panels are installed, the site needs to be assessed to determine the best location and orientation for the panels. The engineering team will assess the roof or ground area where the panels will be installed to ensure that it is structurally sound and can support the weight of the panels.

Installation: Once the site is assessed, the solar panels are installed by a professional engineering team. The team will ensure that the panels are properly secured to the roof or ground, and that all components are properly connected and functioning.

Commissioning: After the installation is complete, the engineering team will commission the solar panels to ensure that they are operating properly. This includes testing the panels, inverters, and controllers to make sure that they are all working together as expected.

3Greem Energy provides commercial and large-scale installation of solar panels for hybrid sustainable energy solutions.

The process involves an initial consultation to determine the client's specific needs and energy goals, followed by a site survey to assess the available space and potential for solar energy generation.

3Greem Energy then designs a custom system tailored to the client's needs, which includes selecting the best panel types and inverters for the site.

The installation process involves mounting the panels and connecting them to the electrical grid, which is done by a team of experienced professionals. Once the system is installed, 3Greem Energy provides ongoing maintenance and support to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the solar panel system.

3Greem Energy installations can be used worldwide and have a solar-based power supply system, which can be used as an emergency power also.