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Welcome to a 3Green Energy!

is a division of Parmanand Foundation. Company established in the year 2023 with long term vision. Company is having its place of business at Nandganj-Ghazipur- India, with Regd.Office at Bangaluru. Company was established with the main aim of dealing in Green Energy i.e Waste to Energy,Wind Energy and Hydrogen. 3 Green Enegy is in touch with Government of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan for Green Hydrogen. With a vision to take Uttar Pradesh and India self-dependent on Green Energy and self-reliance. Company have close contacts in Government Authorities of Urban Development and Energy department for waste to energy projects. VHN is also an arm of Parmanand Foundation and are doing Solar PV business under Joint Venture with Spanish Company for India. VHN ENTERPRISES PVT.LTD. are ingaged in the field of Medical Equippments with strong presence in All Leading Private Sector Hospitals across Rajasthan.

have team with knowledge of the Indian market and focus area. We have regional executive to focus towards Green Energy Sectors across India to achievement Projects.

Chief Consultant Mr. Vinod Sharma is the key functionary of the company. He has done graduation in science stream and then he has done MBA in Marketing. He has wide knowledge in the same line of activity. He is foresighted, enthusiastic and dynamic personality with all round market knowledge and working experience. He has qualified skills of getting work done with the minimum resources. He is polite and of friendly nature, he is able to sell his product effortlessly due to his convincing power. He controls finance, management and marketing activities with team. He is assisted by hardworking team members. Mr.Vinod is key coordinator with Government officials.

is another Key functionary of the company for business development in Uttar Pradesh. He is young, energetic with innovative opinions. He is handling over all business development of the company. Mr.Anil Singh is also responsible for New upcoming project of Ethnol in Ghazipur-Uttar Pradesh

is an asset of the company . He is handling Finance and administration of the company. He is calm, polite and friendly nature. He is benevolent towards the staff, so the workforce is working more keenly and devotedly and getting best of their sense. He has profound knowledge of administration and getting things done on time. He is handling overall management of the company.

is working as Key Accounts Manager looking after large projects related to Hydrogen Generation,Storage and Fuel Cell. He have quite good contact and command in Government Sector as well in Corporate business.He had done MBA in marketing and possess tough personality in his core area. He is mainly engaged in importing, assembling, market research and management of the company. He is keen towards the work and has rich experience in the same line of activity.

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"Achieve energy independence through solar innovation. Harness sunlight to power lives sustainably, mitigating climate change while embracing a brighter future."

  • To proliferate clean energy adoption, drive sustainability, and combat climate change by delivering accessible, efficient, and innovative solar solutions worldwide.
  • Accelerate global renewable transition. Provide affordable solar access, promote energy independence, and foster eco-friendly innovation for a cleaner future
  • Catalyze a solar-powered revolution, making clean energy accessible to all. Drive sustainability, combat climate change, and energize a brighter future.

"Empower global communities with accessible solar solutions, catalyzing a renewable revolution and illuminating a cleaner, more sustainable world for all."

  • Envision a world where solar energy powers communities, fuels progress, and safeguards the planet, forging a sustainable and harmonious future.
  • A future where solar technology seamlessly integrates into daily life, fostering energy independence, environmental stewardship, and global sustainability.
  • Illuminating the world with abundant, clean energy. Empowering individuals, communities, and industries to thrive sustainably through innovative solar solutions.

"Relentless commitment to harnessing solar power for a greener planet, delivering eco-friendly energy solutions that drive progress and sustainability."

  • Harvesting renewable energy from the sun, reducing carbon footprint, cutting utility costs, and contributing to a sustainable future
  • Clean energy generation, reduced electricity bills, lowered carbon emissions, energy independence, and fostering environmental responsibility
  • Renewable, abundant energy source; decreased electricity bills; lowered carbon emissions; increased property value; and energy independence.